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Inspired by our place and nature, Aoraki Salmon work with nature and farm their salmon in a natural way. They are ethically committed to respecting our place, our fish and our waters, whilst ensuring the future sustainability and health of all. The result is a flavoursome salmon crafted to perfection. 

To celebrate such a great Kiwi local grower, we're giving away 2 amazing prize packs - Simply purchase any Aoraki Smoked or Fresh Salmon product for a chance to win!

The prize pack is nothing short of outstanding to a salmon lover, valued at over $900:

  • Icey-Tek 55L Aoraki Branded Chilly Bin ($400 RRP)
  • Aoraki Picnic Blanket & Serving Board
  • Aoraki Apron & Hat
  • Aoraki Original Artisan Hot Smoked Boneless Fillet x 2 ($120 RRP)
  • Aoraki Original Artisan Hot Smoked Portion 180g x3
  • Aoraki Cracked Pepper & Vanilla Bean Hot Smoked Portion 180g x3
  • Aoraki Wholegrain Mustard & Manuka Honey Hot Smoked Portion 180g x3
  • Aoraki Original Artisan Cold Smoked Slices 200g x4

How to enter

  • In-store: Purchase any Smoked or Fresh Aoraki Salmon product, and receive a till receipt entry form. Complete the form and place in the entry box at the checkout.
  • On-line: Purchase any Smoked or Fresh Aoraki Salmon product, and automatically enter the draw.

Promotion Dates

  • Products purchased in-store or checked out online between 12th April 2021 to 2nd May 2021

Terms & Conditions

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